Weallask is an initiative of Philarpy Media & Press, Ghana (PMP-GH), a multimedia group base in Ghana. Weallask is a Questions & Answers website, an online community of educators and learners who share a common goal of helping to extend their ideas by promoting questions and answers.

The website, Weallask.com is operated and managed by Team Weallask, a subdivision of Team Philarpy. Both Weallask and PMP-GH are powered by Media Ghana, Ghana’s largest media group. Media Ghana is trusted by the vast majority of online and offline publishers for Graphics & Webs (Design), Web Hosting and Television & Radio Broadcasting solutions as well as general Media solutions.

This platform allows its users to Create and Answer Questions & Polls for FREE. Just SIGN UP today and join the vast majority of internet users who love to share relevant ideas through Questioning & Answering. What more, you will get rewarded for doing what you love best.

The initial aim of Weallask, which still stands tall, is to create an online platform for Ghanaians to explore educative contents including eLearning resources and related products and services.  By this, the website allows users to create relevant Questions and Answers which can be accessed for educational purposes.

While the platform allows users to create and answer relevant questions, the team at Weallask also creates quality educative content to increase the knowledge base of its platform users and all those privileged folks on the internet.

Weallask, since its interception, has allowed many Ghanaians to explore a new world of educative environment via the web (internet). Our aim is to become Ghana’s largest and trusted online community for education and research purposes. What more, we are looking to a time where Ghana, Africa and the world at large will get the freedom to explore an environment of rich educative content and resources.

We have a reward program that motivates our users to create and explore more educative content. Starting from September 2017, majority of our users will be rewarded with products and services to boost their activities on the platform. All registered users on the site will qualify for this offer if they meet our community standards (Terms & Conditions apply). Interested? Learn More>>

To Learn More About Us, Questions & Enquiries, Email our team: info@weallask.com or call us on Mobile: +233 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp). You may want to use our Contact Us page as well.